A collection of intermediate to advanced solidity concepts, repos, gas optimizations, and tweet threads for thought and future reference.

Cloaks: ERC721 with a commitment scheme built-in enabling price-discovery, fair mints, and amortized gas costs.

Forge Standard Library: A collection of helpful contracts for use with forge and foundry.

ERC-1155 with permit and gas optimized by @transmissions11

lil web3: Small, focused, utility-based smart contracts.

How to create a single-use address that can broadcast a transaction without the need for a private key AKA Nick's Method

How @trailofbits sets up Echidna fuzz suites for their clients

Playpen: a set of modern, gas optimized staking pool contracts.

Tinlake ERC20: standard token with permit and gas optimizations, based on dai.sol

Radicle phase0: factory deployment contract to call into to orchestrate full deployment, allows for on chain auditability of deploy process and reuseability of the factory contract in tests.

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